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Intentionally structured for you

Your life is your canvas & You are the masterpiece in motion


3-month deep dive

  • Identify your priorities, needs and authentic path with precision.

  • Build and sustain a personalized practice to actualize your intentions.

  • Receive accountability, tools, and guidance to enable integration and applied positive changes.

  • Commit to a process of transformative change and building a foundation for self-mastery.

5-week artful exploration

  • A focus on creative practices and inner dialogue to free your natural storyteller and live with meaning.

  • Develop your expression and reclaiming creativity as a form of play, self-discovery and healing.

  • Strengthen connection to your inner child/artist and imaginative capacity to enhance the quality of your daily life.

  • There is no artistic requirement for creativity in this process, focus on process and expression is highly encouraged through the experience.


8-week embodied curriculum

  • A meditative and embodied journey focused on practice solely and getting back into your body.

  • Fully guided time going inward and strengthening connection to your faculties. 

  • Developing inner sight, enhance sensory awareness and bringing stillness to your mind. 

  • An intentionally designed series adapted toward your personal health & well-being goals.

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