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Sahar Kazemini is an educator, coach and consultant specializing in wellbeing and leadership.

She is a dynamic practitioner, blending creativity, intuition and human-centric approaches to learning & development across diverse organizations and communities. She provides high impact coaching to leaders interested in transforming their lives - with intention, calm and self-mastery. She has extensive experience practicing wellness tools, across various modalities with particular focus on meditation and stillness. 

She has worked as an manager, educator and facilitator within institutions across the globe including New York, Singapore and Thailand, and has expertise in intercultural awareness, community engagement and identity development.

She holds a Psychology degree from New York University Abu Dhabi, and a Masters in Higher Education from Columbia University. She remains a student of life and this work is informed by her personal lived experience alongside training and qualifications that have been put into practice over many years.


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Her formal qualifications include:


  • Masters Degree in Higher Education, Columbia University.

  • Bachelors Degree in Psychology, New York University.

  • Certified Reiki Master Practitioner.

  • Multiple certifications in intuitive and psychic development training.

  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs) Certified Practitioner.

  • Student & practitioner of mindfulness, contemplation and meditative practices for 15 years.

Sahar remains an active & ongoing learner with regular engagement and training in courses, conferences, certification programs, book clubs and informal networking; from diverse geographies, pedagogical styles and authorities. You can learn more about her professional history and engagements on LinkedIn. Her work and mentorship is informed by her diverse lived experience alongside training and qualifications that has put into practice over many years. A significant source of her leadership and approach is shaped by learning, intensive practice and exposure to knowledge, modalities, and teachers outside of the academic and professional institutions. 

Fun Facts

1. Sahar is Iranian Diasporic Thai - meaning that her family ancestry is Persian and she is a Thai Citizen. She was born in Thailand to parents immigrating from Iran during a time of revolution. Both cultures have shaped her experience socially and spirituality, providing contrast and building her capacity to hold complexity.


2. Her core values are:

Liberation. Creativity. Presence. Love.

Her work values are:

Impact. Integrity. Relevance. Resourcefulness.


3. If you’re a fan of personality frameworks (use them as a guiding reference and not to box her!). 

Sahar is a:

  • 5/1 Splenic Manifestor [Human Design]

  • INFP [Myers-Briggs Type]

  • Type Four [Enneagram]

  • Gemini Sun Scorpio Moon Aquarius Rising [Western Astrology]

4. Sahar is a passionate creator as a means for investigation and expression of our individual and collective psyche, stories and potential to thrive peacefully. As a creative thinker, writer, poet and heartist; Sahar utilizes creativity to activate the heart, and bring the imagination alive primarily through poetry and written word, exploring themes of wellness, spirituality, healing and magic.

Her creative works are a means of self-exploration and making meaning of the world within and around her. You can check out some reflections from her publication Soft Ripples here.

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