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Are you ready to create a grounded,         empowered & inspiring legacy?

I bring creative solutions to leaders
at the edge of transformation, 
seeking to live, work & be well.

Whether your challenges are personal, professional or community centered - they are interconnected. Explore the right next step for you.

I help leaders transform their life,

by understanding power, using their energy effectively and becoming natural creators.

Sahar is an educator, coach and consultant

specializing in wellbeing & leadership.

Learn more about her background and credentials. 

I provide organizations with creative solutions

that elevate resource management, communication, leadership & culture.

"It's a massive energy detox"


- Hear what clients have to say

Transform with Sahar

Leaders are humans who are willing to do the work of self-discovery, self-expression and self-mastery. I work with powerhouse leaders who are blazing a new reality for themselves and their communities. Are you one of them?


You are here to lead a life of meaningful impact and influence the world around you.


You recognize you have power & seek guidance on directing your will with purpose and integrity.


You envision a different - more inspiring, connected, empowered - reality and are ready to actualize it.



You see through the illusion of a magic pill and are not here for shortcuts or outdated templates.


You know it's about an inner revolution & seek an experienced guide to navigate information and resource overload.


You're a leader - and it's not about your job title, it's your legacy.


Connect With Sahar

Let's talk about where you are, and what scale of transformation you're looking for.

Schedule yourself in for a 30 minute complimentary call.

For general inquiries contact:

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