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Every moment of our daily lives is part of the practice.

Sahar Kazemini, With Love.

What we practice, how we practice, and the presence we bring to this practice is the most powerful choice available to us in living well and wholeheartedly.

My purpose is to guide you to your own inner compass - painted in strength, authenticity and wholeness.


For Individuals:
Coaching, Creative Therapy,
Mind-Body Awareness Training.

For Organizations:
Consultation, Training & Facilitation for Intercultural Engagement,
Leadership Development,
Wellbeing: cultivating belonging
& human-centric workplaces.

Services are structured as individual sessions, packages, and workshops.

They are offered virtually or can be designed for an in-person experience based on client need & context.

Meet with Sahar for a creative conversation.

Sahar Kazemini is a Wellbeing Educator & Mind-Body Practitioner: passionate about guiding you toward living well and wholeheartedly, by facilitating self-inquiry, contemplative and creative practices, and intuitive development. She takes an intimate and intentional approach to support individual client needs with sensitivity to their cultural context, sense of identity, values and personal practices. She targets holistic wellbeing by guiding clients to cultivate a balanced and conscious relationship to themselves on various levels and to extend this toward their daily lives in an integrated and sustainable way. Sahar brings high impact coaching to clients interested in transforming their lives - to live with calmness, become self-actualized, and lead an inspired life. She has extensive experience practicing wellness tools for over 15 years, across various modalities with particular focus on meditation and stillness. 


Sahar is diasporic Iranian-Thai, a daughter of immigrants, and a complex human being. She utilizes creativity to activate the heart, and brings the imagination alive through her poetry and written word, exploring themes of wellness, spirituality, healing and magic. Her creative works are a means of self-exploration and making meaning of the world within and around her. She is a storyteller, and a creative trailblazer, constantly reinventing herself and the life around her.


She has worked as an educator and facilitator within institutions across the globe including New York, Singapore and Thailand, and has expertise in intercultural awareness, community engagement and identity development. She holds a Psychology degree from New York University Abu Dhabi, and a Masters in Higher Education from Columbia University. She remains a student of life and this work is informed by her personal lived experience alongside training and qualifications that have been put into practice over many years. 


Connect With Me

What is alive for you? Let's touch base!


We'll explore what is the right fit for you and how my approach can support you. This is an opportunity for me to ease any doubts, clarifications and curiosities as well as to get clear about what it is that you most want and need from this journey.


We design this experience together, and you are the leader of your path - deciding where you want to go and how far you want to go for it.

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