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Nishita Shah, Entrepreneur & Investor, Thailand

Sahar brought the intensity and presence I needed at a time of transformation and healing. She helped me see my creative strengths, visions and desires more clearly, and empowered me to take control over designing a life that reflects who I am today. 


I enjoyed experimenting with different tools and her openness to help me discover the right experiences that work for me and nourish my soul.

Working with Sahar is refreshing, personal and worth it!


Yasmine Sadri, Director of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism, International School of Geneva, Switzerland

Sahar’s work is a rare yet very necessary deep dive into an individual’s experience with themselves and with reality and the ability to unpack it.
In the field of HR/DEI/education this is the key to solving so many complex questions and I highly recommend inviting Sahar for some work. My boss and I had a great experience in the deeply moving workshop led by Sahar.
We thank you for your knowledge and professionalism.

Timothy Henderson, Director, Thailand

I recently attended Sahar's Creative Leadership workshop series at Soho House Bangkok. I found this series incredibly useful as I was able to understand more about myself and my own leadership style.
I connected with the way that Sahar made the workshops interactive and made concepts easy to understand.
I believe that this will help my teams, companies and projects going forward.

Renae Louise, Mindset Mentor, Australia

I’d never done Reiki before but my intuition felt pulled to work with Sahar. I had just gone through a break up so I was quite vulnerable and tender and my heart was needing extra support and love. 
Sahar held a beautiful space for healing she is so soft, loving and nurturing. I felt really safe and supported throughout the whole journey.  I was able to revisit and tend to my inner child and honour her needs and expression. In the days to come I felt an energy shift, I felt light and in flow. Sahar has a beautiful gift and is a powerful yet soft facilitator. Harmonic balance between masculine and feminine.

Highly recommend ❤️
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